Part VI: Don’t Let the Big Oil Money Confuse You on Prop 87
The choice we have to make

Part V: Don’t Let the Big Oil Money Confuse You on Prop 87 The benefits of an alternative energy future – more jobs, economic growth, cheaper fuels, cleaner air…..

Part IV: Don’t Let the Big Oil Money Confuse You on Prop 87
The cost of Oil – Leukemia, Asthma, hostage to oil

Part III: Don’t Let the Big Oil Money Confuse You on Prop 87
How the oil interests buy everything and everybody, including endorsers

Part II: Don’t Let the Big Oil Money Confuse You on Prop 87
The ONLY way gas prices may go down

Part I: Don’t Let the Big Oil Money Confuse You on Prop 87
Why gas prices won’t go up if Prop 87 passes


11 Responses to “Summaries”

  1. A. Paulraj Says:

    I completely support your position and will urge others to vote for prop 87


  2. Ali Pourkeramati Says:

    I support Prop 87 and ask everyone to vote yes.

  3. Sarab Sokhey Says:

    Yes , I support Prop 87. This is for the greater good of the mankind and I am all for it.


  4. Louay Jalloul Says:

    I will support Prop 87 without any reservation.


  5. I fully support “YES” on Prop 87 and have been actively conveying the same message to hundreds of voters in Irvine, Newport Beach and other areas of California.

  6. Jack Croul Says:

    I heard you speak yesterday at the Balboa Bay Club, Presidents Circle group.
    Please direct me to the data you showed us on the screen yesterday.
    Your website is large, and I have not been able to find those materials.
    And yes, you have changed my vote on Prop 87 to a yes.
    Wonderful, powerful talk…Thank you.

  7. Vinod Karmegam Says:


    Please forgive my uneducated question.

    Is Solar Power the real magic wand for all our energy needs in terms of reducing dependancies on coal? Are’nt there side-effects, maybe even in the far off in the future? How do we know we are not opening another Pandora’s box?


  8. Ravindra Prakash Says:

    Hi Vinod,

    My self and my wife will vote yes on prop 87. I hope it wins.

    — Ravindra

  9. Jorge Blasco Says:

    Vinod, the arguments in the crusade in favour of alternative energies are so overwhelming that is impossible to challenge them, I am 100% sure you will suceed. I forwarded the message to nearly everybody in my e-mail contact list.


  10. Robert Selby Says:

    Vinod, I read a recent article regarding a bit of your veiwpoints on alternate energies. I have a vision (a specific plan of action) to turn our housing/businesses from being the second largest energy drain (after vehicles) to being producers over and above what is used. You, of all people can assess the value of what success in this area would mean, particularly diminishing oil dependence. Please contact me I would appreciate your input.

  11. air jordan Says:

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